Himachal Pradesh Elections-2017 : All you need to know

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 Results

Himachal Pradesh Elections-2017 Focusing on the need of the hour wherein maximum youth of Himachal Pradesh are actively preparing for Himachal Pradesh HAS Examination, HimBuds.com brings to you the Brief description of Himachal Election-2017. Himachal Pradesh Elections-2017 : The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections-2017 were held throughout the state, in one round, on 9th November 2017 to elect all 68 members of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The result was declared on 18th December 2017 to decide the fate of all members for 68 seats of Vidhan Sabha. A total…

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All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original: RBI

All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original, confirms RBI You might have come across a situation when a shopkeeper would have denied accepting a Rupee 10 coin, in exchange of a commodity, stating it to be a fake coin. Its not just you who have been facing this situation, but many others across the nation (including me). This is a common notion prevailing in different parts of the country where people have started differentiating between original and so called ‘fake’ coins based on rumours. Even social media has played…

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Government launches free anti-virus software for PC, Mobile phones

Aiming at providing cyber security, the Government launched free anti-virus  software for computers and mobiles by way of setting up a malware analysis centre with has been named Cyber Swachhta Kendra (CSK). Launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology (MEITY), this centre is supposed to work in collaboration with various Internet Service Providers, anti-virus companies, banks and academicians for providing free digital tools to the general public, helping the secure their computers, mobile phones and laptops from virus, worms and other malicious software. “India is going to take…

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