All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original: RBI

All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original

All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original, confirms RBI

You might have come across a situation when a shopkeeper would have denied accepting a Rupee 10 coin, in exchange of a commodity, stating it to be a fake coin. Its not just you who have been facing this situation, but many others across the nation (including me). This is a common notion prevailing in different parts of the country where people have started differentiating between original and so called ‘fake’ coins based on rumours. Even social media has played a very astonishing role in supporting and propagating this rumour through.

Getting to know about this rumour that is defaming the indian currency, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a press release stating that “Public can continue to accept Rs. 10 Coins as legal tenders”.

All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original
                            All Coins in These Images are Original

RBI said that coins with distinctive features have been put into circulation after having been minted by the Government of India. Coins in new denominations to meet transaction needs of public and coins in new designs to reflect various themes – economic, social and cultural – are introduced from time to time. As coins remain in circulation for longer periods, it is quite possible that coins of different designs and even shapes are circulating at the same time. One such change is introduction of ‘Rupee symbol’ in coins in July 2011. An instance of this is the ₹ 10 coins with rupee symbol and the same denomination coin without rupee symbol. Both of them are legal tender and equally good for transactions, though they may look a little different.

It has been reported that some less-informed or uninformed persons who suspect the genuineness of such coins are creating doubts in the minds of ordinary people including traders, shop-keepers, etc., impeding the circulation of these coins in certain pockets of the country causing avoidable confusion.

The Reserve Bank has advised members of the public not to give credence to such ill-informed notions and ignore them and continue to accept these coins as legal tender in all their transactions without any hesitation.

As per Mr. Shuza Zameer, Advocate of Corporate Affairs, denial of accepting valid legal tenders (currency) can amount to getting penalized for Nation Treason under Indian Penal Code section 124(1). So let’s avoid being a nation’s treasoner and promote awareness. advises its readers to act as responsible citizens and create awareness amongst the ill-informed citizens regarding the authenticity of Rupee 10 coin. Jai Hind 🙂



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