Coronavirus in India: Observations & Prevention

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Coronavirus in India: Observations & Prevention

corona virus in india

This article has been prepared based on my observations and information obtained from various reliable sources such as the WHO advisory website and some doctors’ video advisories. This is in no way a piece of medical advice under any capacity but is just a piece of suggestive information to be aware and stay safe. There is no need to follow even one step in this article blindly. Its a collation of information. Undertake your own research on each fact or statement if you find it doubtful and act accordingly.


Some facts about Coronavirus in India:
1. By inhaling vapors when someone infected sneezes or exhales very close to you.
2. By touching an infected person or object (fomites) followed by touching your face, eyes, nose, open wound or any opening in your body that gives the virus access to enter your body.

What are Formites
Fomites are non-living things on which viruses can stick and stay for some time. This time can range from 3 hours to 3 days. A brief list is as follows:

Material Retention Period Common Items
Air (Aerosol) 3-4 Hours Air around you. If somebody sneezed 2 hours ago it is still risky.
Copper 1 day Utensils
Cardboard 1 day Packaging
Plastic 3 days Almost every packet, container etc.
Steel 3 days Almost every utensil

3. It is highly contagious so if you do not follow guidelines you are highly likely to get it no matter what age or sex. Its R naught is 2.5 which means one person can spread it to 2-3 more people on an average. This number varies with density of population which is not in favour of a populous country like India. Follow all steps diligently to fight against coronavirus in India.
4. Yes mortality rate for young ones is low but even if one person can die in your age group then it can be you as well.
5. Yes mortality rate for old age and people with pre-existing diseases is high but you are safe as long as you stay indoors and follow guidelines.
6. It has no cure, it is up to your immunity system to fight it.
7. Water and soap are better than alcohol based sanitizers. Virus survives because of a layer of fat on it and soap and alcohol both have a tendency to stick to that fat and remove it thus making virus unable to survive.
8. Soap is better for two reasons, every soap is equally effective whereas santizer needs to have at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective. Soap lather is visible so you know if some area in your hand is missed by it but sanitizer is not visible on your hands so no way to assure that each part of your hand is sanitized. Soap is cheaper as well.
9. It does not matter if the soap is liquid or cake. In fact use cakes because as mentioned in point 2 plastic caps of liquid soap dispenser may retain virus for a long time.

coronavirus india

After having gone through the ways in which it is spread, let us now read about the steps which need to be followed very diligently and religiously to stop the spread of coronavirus in India.

Steps to followed to defeat coronavirus in India:
1. Do not go out. Not alone. Not in groups, especially not in groups. Not at all.
2. Do not arrange or be a part of any parties or any kind of gatherings. Not even kirtan or namaaz. Temples and mosques are closed, even god is staying indoors.
3. Stay where you are, do not travel. If you do, you risk not just your life but can become a carrier of the virus and risk others’ life as well.
4. If you are feeling bored, watch TV or online content, sing, write, play guitar, jog indoors, do push-ups and planks or find anything amusing that you can do indoors but again do not go out.
5. Wash your hands like a fanatic at least 10 times a day, especially when you come in contact with anything from outside. Do it for a good 30 second each time for a thorough wash, make sure you reach every corner of your hand till the forearm.
6. If you can not avoid touching your face (like me) then make sure you follow rule number 5 strictly.
7. If you are receiving online orders then make sure the delivery guy does not touch anything in your house including doorknobs. Spray alcohol-based sanitizer or detergent solution (detergent + water) and wipe the doorbells or doorknobs or door if they are touched and then follow rule number 5.
8. If possible do not receive parcels in your hands politely ask the delivery guy to keep it somewhere next to your door inside your house. Then spray the package with sanitizer or detergent solution and keep it there for at least a day.
9. If the parcel needs to be immediately touched by you and if it is in plastic then wash it with detergent and follow rule number 5 immediately after touching it. If it is in carton or paper then keep it aside for at least a day.
10. If you absolutely have to go out, cover your whole body, especially face and head. Make a list of all the work or items to purchase so that you do not have to repeat it again for at least a week. That reduces risk.

11. When you are out, try to maintain a gap of more than 1 meter that is 3.2 feet.
12. Do not touch your face at any cost when you are out. Or better strategy is to keep one hand safe for touching your face by not touching anything else with that hand, not even your clothes.
13. Minimize the number of objects you touch when you are out.
14. Do not buy too much. Remember you are as safe as your neighbor. So make sure you leave enough food and soap in the store to keep your neighbour healthy.
15. Try online payment where ever possible. This minimizes your chances of getting in contact with the potentially infected shop keeper.
16. Avoid public transport such as bus, auto, taxi. Use a personal vehicle or walk.
17. When you come back home, give a call to someone to open the door to avoid touching nobs and bells. Keep the stuff you purchased next to the door and head straight to the shower without touching anything in the house. Wash your hands, head and face and soak your clothes in detergent.
18. Tell someone to spray sanitizer or detergent solution over the stuff you have purchased and do not touch it for at least a day.
19. If you touch anything like doorknobs, handles, bells, furniture, taps. Clean them thoroughly with detergent and then wash hands again.
20. Immunity is not quantifiable so do not be in a false perception that your immunity is very strong. This is a new virus and nobody knows how your body will react to its presence in your body. So don’t take unnecessary chances.
21. No matter how strong or brave you think you are but I am sure you do not want to risk the lives of those around you. What if you are right and your immunity is strong and you survive but you end up infecting someone vulnerable in your family. That would be worse than death.
22. Suggestions for old age people:
23. Stay inside, do not leave the house. Maintain distance with the person in your house who has to go and get the groceries until he is sanitized.
24. Do not go out for even a walk, not covered, not with masks, not with sanitizers, not at all. Walk indoors if you like.
25. You might have seen worse of times but this virus nobody has seen ever. So if your kid tells you something then follow it do not be angry or arrogant.
26. Consuming alcohol or gau mutr is not a cure. It will do more harm than good to your immune system.

Do not panic. As long as you maintain proper hygiene, you are safe. Do not be careless either and follow the guidelines written above. See WHO guidelines for more insight and do not believe any rumor.

Last suggestion: Read about this virus extensively about coronavirus in India. Knowledge is the only way to prevent and prevention is the only cure.

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