How to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam matress

How to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and you work hard for every cent, so the last thing you need is to waste your cash by purchasing an item that doesn’t deliver what it promises. A memory foam gel mattress is a perfect example of a specialized functional piece that doesn’t come cheap. With its host of benefits like back support, better sleep, and supreme comfort, you have to make a little investment to ensure you get quality sleep every night.

With 1/3 of your day invested in sleeping, it is understandable why you want the best foam out there in the market. Sleep is vital to good health because your body recharges best and generates cells optimally when you’re sleeping. To ensure you get quality sleep, your mattress plays a vital role. Here’s what you need to consider when you are picking the best memory foam mattress.

Choose the Right Size

The primary consideration is the size of your bed frame. You immediately narrow down your choices by picking that size that will best fit the frame in your room. Not all bed frames are created equal, so you may need to measure to get the precise figures.

Pick the Best Foam Type

Several materials fill a memory foam like traditional, latex, and gel beads. The material is critical because it will react to your body heat. Traditional foam conforms to your unique shape, helping you reduce pressure points so that your shoulders, back, and neck won’t ache. If you get hot quickly, a traditional foam will not work. Instead, choose a memory foam gel mattress which paves the way for better airflow, without losing any of the benefits mentioned above. People who like a more natural material can opt for latex.

Select the Density

Choose a foam density with a higher rating equating to a firmer foam. Typically, memory foams come in two to five-pound density ratings. Base your selection on your favorite sleeping position. Those that favor side sleeping needs a less dense mattress so that it can contour better with your shoulders and hips. In contrast, back and stomach sleepers will benefit more from a supportive denser and firmer foam.

Identify the Thickness

Typically, memory foam mattresses aren’t solid memory foam. Consequently, you must pick the thickness that you want. Because these types of mattresses are very supportive, you will only feel the upper three to four inches. If you are heavy-set or a side sleeper, you may want a thicker memory foam filling so you won’t sink into your bed.

Find the Mattress Top

Aside from what fills your mattress, consider what covers the top part of its exterior. You can opt for a plush top or a pillow top that offers a little bit more padding. There is also a Euro top that provides a stable and firm surface.

Final Word

If you want to make the best memory foam mattress purchase, you have to do your due diligence and research the different brands. Consider these various specifications to find the one that best fits your physical frame and body needs. Most importantly, don’t buy a mattress without trying it out. Just like a car, you need to “test drive” your chosen mattress to see if you are really comfy and cozy so you can sleep as sweetly as Sleeping Beauty.

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