HimBuds Personality Test

HimBuds Personality Test

A way of exploring careers is by looking at occupations according to one’s personality and occupational interest. John Holland conducted research that divided job-seekers into six broad personality type categories (abbreviated at RIASEC):


All types have both positive and negative qualities and none are better than the others. This condensed survey is not
intended to be as accurate or comprehensive as a full instrument. Completing this survey might help you identify your personality type and the cluster(s) of occupations in which you would have the most interest and get the most satisfaction.

HimBuds Personality Test is your First Step towards your career exploration.

You can also appear for Eysenck Personality Inventory.

Select Yes for all the items below that are appealing to you, select No for the rest.

1.Planting and growing crops
2.Solving math problems
3.Being in a play
4.Studying other cultures
5.Talking to people at a party
6.Working with computers
7.Working on cars or lawnmowers
9.Drawing or painting
10.Going to church
11.Working on a sales campaign
12.Using a cash register
15.Foreign language
16.Working with youth
17.Buying clothes for a store
18.Working from nine to five
19.Setting type for a printing job
20.Using a chemistry set
21.Reading fiction or plays
22.Helping people with problems
23.Selling life insurance
24.Typing reports
25.Driving a truck
26.Working in a lab
27.Playing a musical instrument
28.Making new friends
29.Leading a group
30.Following a budget
31.Fixing electrical appliances
32.Building rocket models
33.Writing stories or poetry
34.Attending sports events
35.Making your opinions heard
36.Using business machines
37.Building things
38.Doing puzzles
39.Fashion design
40.Belonging to a club
41.Giving talks or speeches
42.Keeping detailed records
43.Wildlife biology
44.Using science to get answers
45.Going to concerts or the theater
46.Working with the elderly
47.Sales people
48.Filing letters and reports



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