All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original: RBI

All Rupee 10 coins in circulation are original, confirms RBI You might have come across a situation when a shopkeeper would have denied accepting a Rupee 10 coin, in exchange of a commodity, stating it to be a fake coin. Its not just you who have been facing this situation, but many others across the […]

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit Raised From Rs. 4,500 To Rs. 10,000 A Day, Says Reserve Bank

HIGHLIGHTS Cash withdrawal limit increased to Rs. 10,000 per day starting tomorrow Weekly withdrawal limit of Rs. 24,000 per bank account remains unchanged Weekly withdrawal amount for current accounts doubled to Rs. 1 lakh NEW DELHI:┬áStarting tomorrow, you can pull out 10,000 per day from an ATM, though a weekly limit of 24,000 per bank […]

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