HPUBS: Crack GD PI: Follow our Tips


Hello MBA Aspirants,

HPUBS: Crack GD PIFirst & Foremost, Heartiest Congratulations to all those who have made it to the Merit List for HPU MBA Admissions-2017. Being Top 360 candidates from amongst Thousands of those who appeared for HPUMAT-2017, You are surely the Cream of North India.

We hope the previous article “Tips to Crack HPUMAT-2016” was useful for you people in getting through the Entrance Test.

We are proud to be capable enough to help the MBA Aspirants to secure admission to HPUBS by providing them Tips & Tricks to Crack the GD/PI to be a part of HP University Business School (the unchallenged No. 1 Business School of Himachal Pradesh).

Some Important Information:

The Admission to MBA Programmee at HPUBS is based on the sum-total of following areas as per below-mentioned respective weight-age:


Respective Area

1. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Matric (10th)  10 Marks
2. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Senior Secondary (12th)  10 Marks
3. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Graduation  10 Marks
4. 25% of Marks Secured by Candidate in HPUMAT-2014  50 Marks
5. Marks Secured by Candidate in Group Discussion  10 Marks
6. Marks Secured by Candidate in Personal Interview  10 Marks
Total  100 Marks

Mentioned Above is the weight-age of each of your academic record in the past. We cannot help you or guide you for the respective areas mentioned against Serial No. 1, 2 & 3 because these are the outcome of your past performance in Academics.
The item mentioned against Serial No. 4 has already remained a Litmus Test before you reached the Top 360.

Now comes our responsibility to help you out in clearing the Group Discussion/Personal interview (GD/PI) to confirm your admission to HPUBS MBA Programmee 2017-19. Here are the detailed Tips & Tricks.

GD/PI Procedure:

1. Based on your Score in HPUMAT, a call letter will be dispatched to the Top 360 students inviting them to participate in the GD/PI to be held on _____ (Date) in Group Number _______ at ________ (Time). The venue is HPUBS Shimla. Normally a group consists of 10-15 students. A person who appears for GD/PI in Subsidized Category can also appear for GD/PI in Non-subsidized provided they receive the Call Letter for the same.
2. Once you reach the venue on the specified date, you will be made to sit in a Room along with other aspirants followed by the Document Checking Process wherein all your original academic certificates will be checked and the Marks as mentioned in the Admission Form will be rechecked to be true as per 10th, 12th & Graduation mark-sheets issued by competent authorities.
3. The students will be called in specific groups for the Group Discussion wherein they will be provided a Case in printing format. A time duration of 10-15 minutes will be provided to study the case & reach a solution.
4. the group will then be sent to the HPUBS Conference Room where a Team of Learned HPUBS Professors will already be seated to evaluate the candidates. The students will be allotted seats and the Group Discussion will start. The students will then be secretly evaluated based on their communication skills, confidence & relevance of their solution to the case.
5. After the GD is over, students will once again be transferred to a Room where they will wait for their turn for Personal Interview.
6. The students will one-by-one be sent to the Director’s Room wherein a Team of Learned HPUBS Faculty members will already be seated to interview the student and test his intelligence, confidence & analytical skills making him fit to be a student of HPUBS.
7. Once the PI is over, the student can leave the department. The results will be declared in the First Week of August 2017 (Tentatively, May Vary).


Having completed your graduation by now, I take it for granted that each one of you might be aware of what a Group Discussion means. Normally a group discussion is conducted based on a particular current Topic in general terms. But in the case of HPUBS MBA Admissions, GD is based on a Case Study. The students are provided with a printed paper on which a Case is typewritten. 10-15 minutes will be given to study the Case and reach out an appropriate solution to the problem discussed in the Case. The cases provided for study are mainly related to various realms of Management, preferably Human Resource (HR).
>> You Can Practice Case Studies available on the Internet.


Personal Interview is a way through which the interviewer tries to know your inner self by asking you questions relating to you. The Interview Panel would consist of HPUBS Faculty members normally 5-7 in number.
Some questions mainly asked are:

  • Tell Us Something About Yourself?
  • From amongst a number of Institutes throughout the country, Why you Chose HPUBS?
  • (For Engineers) When You already possess a professional degree in Engineering, then why MBA after B.Tech
  • Where do you see after completing your MBA from HPUBS?
  • What are your achievements in the previous institution?
  • How was your learning experience in graduation?
  • Do you think Narendra Modi would really transform India?
  • What are your views on FDI? Is it acceptable or not?
  • What measures should be taken to make Rupee strong against Dollar?
  • What is the difference between SENSEX & NIFTY?
  • Who is the Present Governor & 4 Deputy Governors of RBI?
  • What would be the benefits of Demonetization?
  • Briefly explain GST?
  • Recent current affairs.

These few tips would be extremely beneficial for you to enter the gates of HPUBS as a student

  • Bring along duly-attested Xerox copies of all you Academic certificates along with original certificates for cross verification.
  • Practice some Case Studies available on the internet to have an idea as to how they are solved.
  • Time Management is the Key to success. Each second is important. Try to comprehend the provided case as fast as possible. Understand the case and come out with the best solution that your mind generates. A wrist-watch is a Must for time management.
  • Come Dressed in a Formal Attire. This gives a positive feel to the interviewer.
  • Be confident while speaking during the Group Discussion. Express your ideas in an affirmative way without trying to cut somebody else’s point of view. Be precise & crisp in your views.
  • During interview, be confident. Take care of your body language. Don’t be nervous. Answer the questions To The Point without entering into an argument with the Interview Panel.
  • The HPUBS Faculty members a very cordial and supportive so don’t panic, be free & express yourself.
  • Be aware of the latest happenings in the world around as Business environment is all about awareness.
  • Read Newspaper daily for sure.

GOOD LUCK for Your GD/PI. Hope To See You as a part of HPUBS Family. God Bless.

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