HPUBS: Crack HPUMAT 2017, Follow our Tips

Crack HPUMAT 2017Hello MBA Aspirants,

HimBuds.com brings for you Tips & tricks for cracking HPU MAT 2017 prepared by Expert panel. These tips are enough to help the MBA Aspirants to Crack HPUMAT-2017 and secure a seat at HPUBS.

Some Important Information:

The Admission to MBA Programmee at HPUBS is based on the sum-total of following areas as per below-mentioned respective weight-age:


Respective Area

1. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Matric (10th)  10 Marks
2. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Senior Secondary (12th)  10 Marks
3. 10% of Percentage Scored by Candidate in Graduation  10 Marks
4. 25% of Marks Secured by Candidate in HPUMAT-2014  50 Marks
5. Marks Secured by Candidate in Group Discussion  10 Marks
6. Marks Secured by Candidate in Personal Interview  10 Marks
Total  100 Marks

Mentioned Above is the weightage of each of your academic record in the past. We cannot help you or guide you for the respective areas mentioned against Serial No. 1, 2 & 3 because these are the outcome of your past performance in Academics. Though we are very much ready to help you for areas mentioned against Serial No. 4. Here are the detailed Tips & Tricks.

HPUMAT (Himachal Pradesh University Management Aptitude Test)

Admission to MBA at HPUBS is based on a national-level Competitive examination held in 4th Saturday of May every year. The test sums-up to 200 Marks and is required to be attempted within a time duration of 2 hours (120 minutes). The best part is that there is NO NEGATIVE MARKING. The test exam comprises of four sections.

S.No. Section Name  Max. Marks No. of questions
1. English Comprehension  50 50
2. Reasoning  50 50
3. Business Environment  50 50
4. Arithmetic Comprehension & Data Interpretation  50 50
Total  200 200

  1. English Comprehension: The English Comprehension section includes paragraphs based on which some questions will be asked. The paragraph is to be comprehended and the most appropriate answer is to be selected from the available 4 options. There may also be some questions based on Prepositions, Conjunctions, Nouns and other basic English Grammar terminologies. A thorough single reading of comprehension paragraphs can help solving the questions at once.
  2. Reasoning: Reasoning section included basic reasoning, qualitative aptitude, easy to solve puzzles etc. The candidate needs to utilize his/her quick reasoning capability though the questions are not very tough. The best way to prepare is to solve the exercises mentioned in “Qualitative Aptitude” by Mr. R.S. Aggarwal.
  3. Business Environment: Questions relating to the Current Business News, Indian & Global Economy, CEOs of various companies, Taglines of various companies, General Current Affairs, Indian Politics etc. are asked in this section. The best way to prepare is to Stay Tuned to Some Business News Channels like Bloomberg, CNBC, ZEE BUSINESS etc. and reading the newspaper daily. Newspaper reading is the best option we feel.
  4. Arithmetic Comprehension & Data Interpretation: This section mostly includes basic question on mathematics like Profit & Loss, Speed, Upstream-Downstream, Geometry, Algebra etc. Prepare from any 9th & 10th class NCERT Mathematics book. Though at this stage, we don’t feel you need to prepare for the questions as basic as these.


These few tips would be golden hammer to crack HPUMAT

  • Time Management is the Key to success. Each second important. You need to attempt 200 questions in 120 minutes, so be Quick & Fast. A wrist-watch is a Must for time management.
  • Start by attempting that section, which you feel, is your strength. If you are strong in English Comprehension, Choose to attempt that section first. You need to complete the first section you attempt in the minimum possible time.
  • Be aware of the latest happenings in the world around as Business environment is all about awareness.
  •  Read Newspaper daily.
  • As there is NO NEGATIVE MARKING, Attempt All The Questions. Be Quick to attempt all that you know within First 110 Minutes, Keep reserved Last 10 Minutes for Quick Guesses to the remaining Questions.

GOOD LUCK for Your Test. Hope To See You as a part of HPUBS Family. God Bless.

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Follow our Tips, Crack HPUMAT 2017 and do read the most useful Tips in cracking the GD/PI ensuring your entry to HPUBS Shimla right-away.



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