Kotkhai Rape Case: Seems Humanity is Dead

Kotkhai Rape Case: Seems Humanity is Dead

Anonymous | Two kind of theories come to my mind when I read read about this case in mass media and social media. Who are the real culprits? Though this question, in reality is deluding our minds since long, neither the police nor the govt has given any reliable information about it.

But my explanation on this is a bit more subjective. Forgive me if I may say the fault lies in us only. We are the ones who have objectified women. Told her what to wear what not to wear, how to sit in public, What are appropriate ways expected of her. Her social conditioning is done in such a way that most of the times you see a girl, she is either adjusting her top or is conscious about it. We all know this, but what we miss here is that not only girl is affected by this but also a boy is affected.

He sees women as someone who has something to hide. As anyone who had never talked about $exu@l education with parents or teachers is curious to know more about it. He will for sure try to find what she hides and hence he is lost into the dark world of p*rn. They are to be used as what he learns from there. I may have felt the same way. I remember there used to be adult education classes in our schools, moral education to be more precise. But the funny part is that for the girls it used to be in a separate room while for boys in separate one. I also remember many a times during student life, while sitting with girls on the same bench I have been asked to get up and sit with boys. These are some minute details to prove that even our education system has objectified women.

The other thing that comes to our minds is: What is the government doing? It was careless on its part to publish those photos, that too on the Official facebook page of Virbhadra Singh. Here, one thing is for sure that public pressure is helping the girl move a little ahead towards justice but unfortunately some media channels alongwith some people of state want to make it a political issue. For example, I red today that police has nabbed two individuals whose names were declared earlier but these politically motivated people are reacting saying that police is still not sure whom to nab and whom not to. My dear friends, I would love to mention one thing, presently investigation is going on. Police will arrest many, some maybe innocent too, it is done in order to come to a proper conclusion.

I have also come across some people who have already passed a judgement on who the culprits are and if they are not proved right even after a CBI inquiry,  they will surely say, even CBI is sold. Please consider that I am not supporting Himachal Police. They may or may not be corrupt. That’s subjective. Mine is somewhat an objective explanation about the process of investigation. Don’t forget, everything is a conspiracy.

I also came across people saying that Kotkhai has ruined Himachal’s image. I strongly disagree with such allegations. As I myself have many friends from Kotkhai. The girls and boys are very forward looking. Love marriage is not a taboo like plains. Girls are strong and aim-oriented. And the way the protests are taking place with no central assistance like ones in Nirbhaya, no where else in India they ever happened. In Kotkhai, no one will ever defend the culprits for the acts committed by these a$$h*les, not even their relatives.

What should be done in this case? Should it come under the rarest of rare doctrine of Supreme Court in murder cases for death penalty? well, I am sure It will happen and the justice will be delivered.

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