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HimBuds Eysenck Personality Inventory

The Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) measures two pervasive, independent dimensions of personality, Extraversion-Introversion and Neuroticism-Stability, which account for most of the variance in the personality domain. Each form contains 57 “Yes-No” items with no repetition of items. The inclusion of a falsification scale provides for the detection of response distortion. The traits measured are Extraversion-Introversion and Neuroticism.

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Weekend Getaways from Bangalore during Monsoons

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore during Monsoons In this fast paced life of always trying to outdo one another, it sometimes helps to just take a break and sit back and relax. The best way to do is to go for a weekend getaway with people who make you happy. It can be friends, family or even just you. Go out there and take one of those monsoon trips to rejuvenate your mind and body. There are a number of places to visit in India, but if you are looking to…

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Eligibility for UPSC Civil Services Examination

Eligibility for UPSC

Eligibility for UPSC The Indian Administrative Service recruits candidates through the UPSC Civil Services Examination held annually. The notification for this examination will be published on the UPSC Website on 19th February 2019. Aspirants should satisfy themselves of their eligibility for the UPSC Exam before applying to avoid disappointments and the last minute rush to gather documents for clearing eligibility conditions. The following are the eligibility conditions in brief: Nationality: For IAS and IPS, Indian citizenship is a must and for other services, Indian citizenship, or ● Tibetan Refugee Status…

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OkCupid: Delivering Substance over Selfies


OkCupid: Delivering Substance over Selfies Cultural shifts such as urbanization, individualism and equality of all sexes have contributed to several changes in the Indian society. A major change is how urban Indian millennials approach their personal lives and relationships. As soon as a child enters puberty followed by adulthood, it’s a common sense of loneliness that he/she goes through. Parents and school friends remain by their side and are an important part of life only till the threshold of adulthood is reached. A sense of attraction for the opposite sex…

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Cracking Myths about M@sturb@tion

myths about masturbation

Myths about M@sturb@tion RISHI JARYAL || Today, we are going to discuss the lesser-known facts of what has been a widely known topic among all of us, specially the youth, M@sturb@tion. But despite this being most widely known, do we really feel comfortable to discuss it that widely? The answer is a big NO. The irony is even I am writing about this at a time when my roommate is fast asleep. So, M@sturb@tion is, we all know, the $exu@l stimulation of one’s own genit@ls for $exu@l @rousal or pleasure,…

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Mandi Himachal Pradesh: History and Economy

Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Mandi Himachal Pradesh: History and Economy History of Mandi & Suket Mandi is popularly known as “Choti Kashi”. History of Mandi Himachal Pradesh is very vast. History of Mandi can be divided into two parts. There were two kingdoms in the olden times: Mandi and Suket (Sundernagar). Mandi Riyasat was founded in 1000 AD by BAHU SEN whereas Suket Riyasat was founded by VEER SEN in 765 AD. After independence, Mandi and Suket were merged to form Mandi district in 1948. Read below the detailed royal lineage of Mandi Himachal…

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Pangot Hill Station: A paradise for bird lovers


Pangot Hill Station: A paradise for bird lovers Mountains are said to have treasures hidden in its folds, nooks, and crannies, visible only to those who truly want to discover nature. For those who want to experience such pleasant surprises, the Himalayan region is indeed a Pandora’s Box. Tucked in its forests, are the rarest flora and fauna, some of which you will not see or find anywhere else in the world. The tiny village of Pangot at the foothills of the Lower Himalayas is one such treasure trove of…

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Crack Government Job Exams Successfully: Know How

Crack Government Job Exams

Crack Government Job Exams Successfully: Know How Government jobs have always remained the first choice when it comes to entering the Job market in India. Parents have remained the guiding force leading their children to appear for such exams. Its a dream of many parents to see their children crack government job exams. Despite government jobs being the most preferred career choice, the main reason for such confusion is the perception that people have regarding these jobs. Many people strongly believe that these jobs are secure and permanent and being a…

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