Cracking Myths about [email protected]@tion

myths about masturbation

Myths about [email protected]@tion

myths about masturbationRISHI JARYAL || Today, we are going to discuss the lesser-known facts of what has been a widely known topic among all of us, specially the youth, [email protected]@tion. But despite this being most widely known, do we really feel comfortable to discuss it that widely? The answer is a big NO.

The irony is even I am writing about this at a time when my roommate is fast asleep.
So, [email protected]@tion is, we all know, the [email protected] stimulation of one’s own [email protected] for [email protected] @rousal or pleasure, usually to the point of [email protected] It involves the use of hands, fingers, everyday objects, s3x toys and so many other things.

Some facts about [email protected]@tion:
1. [email protected]@tion has been mentioned and discussed in very early writings. Some Europeans theologians and physicians described it as deplorable and hideous but later these taboos were declined.
2. It is believed that Sumerian god of water ‘Enki‘ created Tigris and Euphrates rivers by [email protected]@ting and [email protected]@ting into the empty riverbeds.
3. According to Egyptian mythology the God Atum is believed to have created this universe by [email protected]@ting to [email protected]@tion.

In present days we really don’t have such beliefs, we don’t relate [email protected]@tion to any ascetic things. But then we have some other things, which I am going to tell you here.

myths about masturbation

Did you know?
• In 2011, a Brazilian woman took her employer to court after doctors had evidence about her need to [email protected]@te 47 times a day. Interestingly, the court ruled out that she was legally entitled to a 15-minutes break every two hours.
• In March 2014, a teacher in Saudi was sentenced to a 3-year term in prison and 300 lashes for stating that [email protected]@tion was permissible under Islam.
• Penalty for [email protected]@tion in Indonesia is DECAPITATION but thankfully that really doesn’t happen.

These were some of the incidents most of us were unaware of! There are some other things or thoughts associated when one thinks of or performs [email protected]@tion. Shouldn’t we discuss them? Obviously we should!!!

All the readers, I guess, watch p0rn and that too quite often (Though the recently Jio users are having a tough due to a ban imposed on p0rn).  And it is so obvious that one feels er0tic when watches p0rn and then what takes place is masturbation or interc0urse (obviously, if possible). I will focus on those who derive pleasure from [email protected]@tion while watching p0rn.

myths about m@sturb@tionSome ill-effects breaking myths about [email protected]@tion are as follows:

• When you watch p0rn and [email protected]@te, you undergo a negative neurological change. This happens because you imagine and expect the same as what happens in a p0rn and the then release of [email protected] gives you pleasure (which is fake) but when it comes to interc0urse, if you don’t get what you expected, it will not give you pleasure, because the receptors become insensitive to that. You will need more to get the same amount of pleasure.
• It’s widely known thing among all of us that [email protected]@tion causes hair loss. Actually this is true because masturbation causes a decrease in cerebrospinal fluid (colorless body fluid found in brain and spine). This leads to hair loss and even impotence.
• It has been seen that frequent [email protected]@tion by those men in their 20s and 30s increases the risk of prostate cancer, but reduces the risk if a person is in his 50s.
So these were some risks associated with [email protected]@tion. To conquer them, reduce the frequency and keep some off days to recuperate. And please!! STOP P0RN. that’s more dangerous.

Some benefits breaking myths about [email protected]@tion are as follows:

[email protected]@tion also has some benefits. There are some myths about [email protected]@tion, Let’s Crack Them. I don’t think it is lesser-known among us. But as an epitome, we can say that it reduces stress, insomnia, removes the dead or weak stock of se’men (in the case of men).
• Moreover, the major benefit I see is that one can have an equivalent pleasure without the need of any other person. Isn’t that cool?

This was all I knew about [email protected]@tion, but yeah, I have some tips for you if you’re looking for increasing the intensity of that pleasure. Do follow and thank me later!

• Use a lubricant quite often. Believe me, it’s so fun.
• Use your non-dominant hand. If you do it with your right hand, now try it with left or vice-versa. And go like… Left Right Left…Left Right Left.
• TAP-TAP: Tap it in between and roll on your fingers and feel the magic!
• Try different positions. You might think ‘what the hell.?’ But yes, this is so fun. Don’t stick to just standing or lying positions. Try some squats or any other!

It’s a special tip: [email protected]@te every three to four days. Don’t be an ascetic for more than two weeks.

I hope you all liked the article. Our mere intention was to crack the myths about [email protected]@tion. Do let us know about your reading experience in the comments box. You can also mail us at [email protected]



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