National Career Service by Govt. of India: All You Need To Know

National Career Service India
National Career Service India
National Career Service India
What is National Career Service?
National Career Service (NCS) is a Mission Mode project under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India. Launched on 20th July 2015, by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, NCS aims at using every possible aspect of technology in bridging the gap between the job-seekers and the employers.
With the tagline, “Right Opportunities, Right Time”, the National Career Service portal ( has been developed primarily to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth. This portal facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counselors, local service providers, govt. departments etc.
NCS portal also provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user-friendly manner. These facilities along with career counseling content are delivered by the portal through multiple channels like career centers, mobile devices, Common Service Centres (LokMitra Kendras) etc.

History of Employment Exchanges in India
Post independence, The Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959 required all public and privates enterprises in India to compulsorily notify the vacancies available with them to the nearest Employment Exchange. There are a total of 982 Employment Exchanges in India. The Government of India plans to transform these employment exchanges into Career Centres. As a mission mode project, initially 103 employment exchanges have been converted into Model Career Centres across the country.


Funding & Operation
One of the 31 Mission Mode projects under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) Digital India, the National Career Service project is funded and managed by the Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India.
Services provided
Jobs for All
Jobs for All
Job Seeker: A job-seeker can register himself on the NCS portal providing details about his qualification and work experience. He can also search for relevant jobs enlisted on the portal as per his preference. Job seekers are authenticated by their AADHAR (UID) number or PAN Card.
Employers: Employers can register themselves on the NCS portal providing their registration details. They can then post available vacancies, search for potential employees, track responses to job postings etc. using the portal. Authenticity of the employers is verified by their LIN (Labour Identification Number), PAN number, TIN number or MCA Ministry of Corporate Affairs registration number.
How the service is accessed?
The National Career Service can be accessed online, by telephone, or face-to-face by job-seekers, employers, counselors & local service providers.

Web Portal: The National Career Service web portal can be accessed at It provides services for the following stakeholders:

National Career Service Portal
       National Career Service Portal
Job seekers
Local Service Providers
Career center
Skill Providers
Placement organizations
Government Departments
Telephone: The National Career Service has a dedicated 100-seater toll-free call center which renders its service from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM in 8 different languages. The NCS Call center can be accessed by calling TollFree Helpline: 1800-425-1514
Face-to-face service: Job seekers, employers and local service providers can seek face-to-face guidance and avail services by visiting the nearest Model Career Centre run by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India.
NCS Career INformation
NCS Career Information

Career Information
Based on an updated version of National Classification of Occupations – 2015, a huge database of Career information is made available on the National Career Service portal. Career options have been classified into 53 sectors containing career information of as many as 3000 job roles. The same can be accesses by Clicking Here. The career guidance videos for improving social skills, personal growth and personality development are also available on the portal accessible by Clicking Here.
Start Your Own Business Guide
Another special feature of National Career Service portal is the Start Your Own Business Guide. To give a boost to Start-up India initiative of the Government of India, all the relevant information, that an individual requires to start his own business, is available on the portal on the Start Your Own Business page. According to the National Sample Survey 2011-12, of the 47.4 crore workers, around 52% of India’s workforce is self-employed. With better access to finance, technology and open markets, the self-employed workforce has a huge potential for to grow and become entrepreneurs who could provide employment opportunities to others. Aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship, NCS brings to you a collation of material and helpful links to facilitate you on your entrepreneurship journey.
Model Career Centers
Model Career Centre Gurgaon
                Model Career Centre Gurgaon
In the initial phase, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has set-up 103 Model Career Centers (erstwhile Employment Exchanges) throughout the country to help the job seekers and employers seek face-to-face assistance from the Center Manager or the Young Professional available at the center.  To access the list of Model Career Centers throughout the country, Click Here. One Young Professional each is appointed at the Model Career Centers by the Ministry of Labour & Employment to ensure the smooth functioning of the center.

How is NCS Unique?
  • All the services are provided totally FREE OF COST
  •  Largest ever database with 3 crore 11 lakh+ job-seekers and 9 lakh+ employers in India
  • Job-seeker authenticity verified using AADHAR or PAN Number
  • Employer authenticity verified using LIN, TIN, MCA Registration Number
  • Focusing on entire labourforce including 97% from the unorganized sector
  • 12-hour dedicated multi-lingual call center

      Candidates are free to bring-up their queries to the recently set-up Model Career Centre, Shimla functional from Regional Employment Exchange, US Club, Shimla. Candidates can mail their queries at [email protected]




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  1. ESheshan

    sir, I am Sheshan,
    I am B.E Aeronautical Engineering 2015. Wanted apprentice training. any idea please.

    1. Hi Sheshan,
      Thanks for contacting us. Govt. of India has launched a special portal for collating all Apprentice opportunities. You may check the same at:

  2. Sir, I have already registered my name successfully under National Career Service portal.My name is Chhaya Singha Majhee and I am a graduate and I want to fill up the form of a teacher,because I want a job of a teacher.But after successful registration of my name under this National Career Service portal,I am facing problems on filling up the rest of the form of a teacher under this National Career Service portal.Whenever I call on the tollfree helpline number of National Career Service portal which is, 18004251514, which I got from internet, most of the time it says that the number is busy.So,I request you all to provide any other alternative mobile number except 18004251514 or any email ID,so that I can contact you all and solve my problems and fill up the rest of the form of a teacher under this National Career Service portal.

    1. Hi Chhaya,

      We are happy to know that you have registered yourself under the NCS portal. Further to this, I would recommend that your may call the NCS Toll Free number 18004251514 once again. I myself never found the number busy. There is always someone who is there to attend the call. Moreover, after logging into the site, in the footer bar you will see a Grievances/Feedback hyperlink. Click on it and file your case in the form of a complaint to NCS Team. They will call you up on your registered mobile number to resolve your issue. Thanks

  3. Sir I am Chhaya Singha Majhee.Thank you sir for your reply.Sir,I had called on the tollfree helpline number of National Career Service Portal which is 18004251514 today many times,as you recommended me to do so in the previous reply,but it repeatedly said that the number 18004251514 does not exists.Is there any other alternative phone number or any email ID to contact the National Career Service portal?Sir,if possible, please tell me the steps of how to fill up the form of a teacher,as I want a job of a teacher under National Career Service Portal,after successful registration of my name,so that I can fill up the form of a teacher,as my name has already been successfully registered under National Career Service Portal.

    1. Hi Chhaya,
      You can very easily fill the form by your ownself. Please see this video for more details:

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