Spinal Tumors- Types and Treatment: All You Need To Know

Spinal Tumor (CS View)
Spinal Tumors
Spinal Tumor (CS View)
Tumour – The term in itself is the biggest nightmare for the listener. On listening the word, the first thing that strikes a mind is the Brain tumour which is one of the most common forms of tumour. But, it is not the only form of tumour. Tumours can develop in any part of the body at times leading to the death of the patient depending upon the form of tumour he/she is affected by. The motive behind preparing this write-up is to create awareness regarding tumour, its causes & treatments, to help curb the disease in its initial stages.
What is a Tumour?
A tumour (tumor), also known as neoplasm, is a form of abnormal swelling is any part of the body, caused due to abnormal growth of tissues. A tumour can be benign (non cancerous), pre-malignant (pre-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).
Types of Tumours:
Tumours are basically named based on the part of body they are affecting. Example, Brain tumour, Spinal tumour, Pancreas tumour, Breast tumour etc.
What is Spinal Tumour?
Spinal tumor is an abnormal development of tissues within or around the spinal cord or vertebral column. The growth of these cells is uncontrollably multiplicative. Just like other forms of tumour, Spinal tumours to can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Tumours that develop in the spinal cord itself are referred to as primary whereas, the ones that affect spinal cord being spread from other body parts are called secondary tumours.
Types of Spinal Tumours:
Classified based on the region of the spine, where they develop, spinal tumours have been grouped into three types:
1. Vertebral Column Tumors
2. Intradural-Extramedullary Tumors
3. Intramedullary Tumors
Spinal Tumour
Spinal Cord Tumour
Types of Spinal Tumour (Descriptive):
1. Vertebral Column Tumors:
Primary tumors:   The vertebral column tumour occur in vertebral column, as the name suggests. Osteogenic sarcoma is one of the most common cancerous bone tumor. Though these tumors are rare and grow slow.
Secondary tumors: These tumors are painful having signs like fever, weight loss, vomiting & nausea spreading from other parts of the body (breast or prostrate) to the spine.
2. Intradural-Extramedullary Tumors:
These tumors develop in the spinal canal (under the layer that shields the spinal cord) but on outerside of the nerves. They also cause weakness and pain.
Meningiomas tumours occur in the layers around the spinal cord and are cancerous.
Neurofibromas tumours arise from nerve roots that come off the spinal cord. These too are benign and grow slowly.
3. Intramedullary Tumors:
These tumors develop from the inner-side of the spinal cord or the inner-side of the individual nerves. Intramedullary tumors develop in the cervical spine (neck area). They too are benign, though the surgery to remove this tumor can be life-threating at times.
Ependymomas & Astrocytomas are two common types of intermedullary tumors.
Treatment for Spinal Tumours:
To save the patient’s life from this deadly disease, proper and timely spinal tumour treatment is required to be undertaken. Very few hospitals in India are capable of providing the best treatment for spinal tumors. Some of the hospitals include Manipal Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Max Hospital etc.
Whenever Spinal Tumour is diagnosed, complete medical examination is recommended wherein the all organs (where cancer can develop) are examined & tested thoroughly.
1. Treatment for Vertebral Column Tumors:
Since tumours mostly arise due tom some other cancer in some other organ, the Spinal tumours treatment includes:
Removal of pressure on nerve roots to control sever pain.
Removal of pressure on spinal cord to preserve neurological function.
Repairing the unstable spinal through spinal fusion for fixing structural deformity in the spine.
2. Treating the Intradural-Extramedullary & Intramedullary Tumors:
Intradural-Extramedullary & Intramedullary Tumors are usually removed surgically aiming at:
Removing the tumor completely
Preserving neurological function
Since spine and nerves are very delicate & sensitive, hence, it is really tough to prevent any damage to them.
In case it is not possible to remove the tumour completely, post-surgery radiation therapy is given. For secondary (metastatic) tumour, chemotherapy is given.
Post surgery , nerves take some time to heal fully.
Hospital recommendations:
 Though various hospitals provide facilities for Spinal tumour, surgery & after-care, Manipal Hospitals are recommended to be providing the Best treatment for spinal tumors by our health experts.
We hope this piece will be helpful in providing you requisite information about Spinal Tumours, Its types & treatments recommendations. For any health related query, feel free to mail us at [email protected], our Health Experts will get back to you with their valuable advice.



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