Water Sports in Goa which you can’t afford to miss

Trip to Goa
Water sports in Goa
                                          Trip to Goa

‘Go Goa’ remained the tagline of Goa Tourism for years altogether. This god-gifted place is actually so beautiful that the individual who comes across the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the place via pictures or visual media, gets bound to say & practice “Go Goa”.

Situated on the western coastlines of Indian peninsula, along the Arabian Sea, Goa is one of the most beautiful states in the country. One of the most sought for honeymoon and leisure destination, visiting Goa makes one feel like he/she is a foreign land owing to its rich Portuguese colonial legacy before 1961. Goa is world-famous for its beaches, religious legacy and heritage buildings. Water sports in Goa are the much sought after.

Water Sports in Goa
Being a land of beaches, Goa is famous for its tourist attracting water sports. Here is a list of 5 must-do Water Sport in Goa:

Speedboat Rides
Speedboat Rides
  1. Speed Boating: 
                                   Speed boating is one of the best ways to feel the thrill of oceanic waves in Goa. Once there, you simply cannot stop yourself from taking a speed ride on the speed boats. Creating its own way against the mighty waves, this thrilling adventurous experience will always be a part of your memories when you remember the Goa trip in future. When you are There, Enjoy the ever-lasting ride.
  2. Banana Ride
     Banana Ride

    Banana Ride:

                                   Banana ride is another unforgettable adventurous ride, a popular attraction in Goa waters. Fantasies of many kids, banana rides are equally loved by adults too. You get a chance to rule the waters on a six-seater banana-shaped tube which can be intentionally overturned by another speedboat. Just nearing the end of the ride, the tube is flips making it more exciting.

    Scuba Diving
    Scuba Diving
  3. Scuba Diving:
                         Scuba diving is one of the most loved and sought after water sport in Goa. Professional trainers are available to help and guide the interested divers. The opportunity to see the beautiful aquatic flora and fauna is simply priceless. People from around the world come to Goa to enjoy Scuba dive. Many bollywood movies have also been shot for scuba scenes under Goa waters. The scuba diver should though be physically & mentally fit to undertake the dive. The experience has a life-long memorable impact.
  4. Dolphin Cruise:
                                  Just near the historic Aguada Fort, a dolphin watching cruise can be enjoyed. While cruising, you can spot dolphins performing acrobatics just next to your cruise in the Arabian Sea. If lucky, you may also spot some kingfishers in the sea waters.

  5.  Wind-surfing:  
    Like other water sports, windsurfing is also a famous sport loved to be performed by tourists. Wind surfing professional trainers are available on demand. Windsurfing too is a once in a lifetime experience and can be enjoyed on different beaches like Calangute, Miramar, Baga, Bogmalo, Uttorda & Vagator.


If you happen to visit Goa, do experience and enjoy these water sports to feel the thrill of the adventure world in this small tourist-friendly state of India. Best of Journey 🙂



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