History and economy of Una Himachal Pradesh

History and economy of Una Himachal Pradesh

In this article, we will talk about the ancient history of Una district which is famously known for its temples. History of Una is mainly divided into two Riyasats. They were Jaswa Riyasat And Kutlaihar Riyasat. So here we begin:

History of Una

1. Jaswa Riyasat: Una’s most of part came under Jaswa Riyasat which was part of Kangra, in old times. Jaswa was formed by Katoch king Purav Chand in 1170 . It’s capital was in rajpur near Amb . Purav Chand to Ummed singh 27 kings ruled over this Riyasat When Jaswa was under Mughals (Akbar), at that time the king of Jaswa was Govind Chand. In 1815, Una was under Sikhs.

2. Kutlaihar Riyasat: Kutlaihar was also the part of Una,which made from separation from Kangra. Kutlaihar was the smallest Ryasat of Kangra. 40 kings ruled over it. Kutlaihar Riyasat was formed by Jaspal named brahmin. He shift his capital to Kot Kahlur. His son and grandson founded Bhajji and Kotti Riyasats. Sansar Chand annexed Kutlaihar in 1786 which is later freed by the Gorkhas. In 1809 state was under Sikhs. Kutlaihar Riyasat’s last king was Brij Mohan Pal. Bedi Vikram Singh revolted against Britishers in 1848. Bedi Sujan Singh kept Una town under Bedi kingdom again in 1848. Foundation stone of Una town was laid by Baba Kaladhari.

History and economy of Una Himachal Pradesh

Mahadev Temple in Una

Economy of Una

Strong Economy and Healthy environment are two important factors for growth of any country. We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment. Factories plays great role in economy. As there are many important factories in this district which are as follows:

1. A seed farm is located in pekhuwela of Una district.

2. In Anjauli, poultry farm is opened by Himachal government.

3. Mehatpur and Tahliwaal are main industrial areas of Una.

4. Una is also famous for Mango, Oranges (Kinnu), lemon and Malta export.

5. Una-Nangal railway line is the only broad gauge line in Himachal. It was completed in 1991.

6. Luminous power technology limited is located in Gagret, Una.

7. Rangar Breweries Limited is in Mehatpur, Una .

8. Nestle Private Limited one of the leading brand of food and processing industry is in Tahliwal Industrial area in Una.



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