Haqeeqat Film 1964: An epitome of patriotism

Haqeeqat Film 1964: An epitome of patriotism & nationalism

Haqeeqat Film 1964Patriotic Movies, Songs, Videos and articles have always been playing a vital role in making the citizens realize the unmatched contribution made by our soldiers in ensuring our well-being back home. Someone has rightly said that it is because of them (Indian Army) that we are able to sleep fearlessly at our homes while they continue to fight the enemy day and night at the borders.

Patriotic songs like Ae Mere Vatan Ke Logon and Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaao Tann Saathiyo have attained a position somewhere near to the National Anthem & the National song in the country. Individuals can be heard murmuring the lyrics of these songs with utmost sense of pride and nationalism.

With tensions at all time high between India & China, countdown for war having already been started (as per Chinese media units), I am reminded of a patriotic movie, Haqeeqat Film 1964, which undoubtedly provides a considerable dose of patriotism and gives you ample moments of goosebumps, making you feel emotional and literally cry witnessing some of the scenes.

Haqeeqat Film 1964
India was miserably defeated in the Sino-India war 1962 given the lack of coordination between the administration and the army. some people even accuse, the then Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, of having blind faith in China, not being able access the situation well and leading India to a miserable defeat. But this movie clearly depicts that despite all shortcomings on the part of the central government, it was the Indian Army that remained strong and fought the enemy with all its will and power. Lack of resources & shortage of infantry dis not stop the courageous jawans, who exhibited an epitome of valour to face the mighty enemy.

About Haqeeqat Film 1964:

Haqeeqat, a film directed and written by Chetan Anand, was released in the year 1964 (two years after the Sino-India war). As the name depicts, the film leaves no stone un-turned in projecting and highlighting the haqeeqat (reality) of the Indo-China war. The Chinese had always been preaching Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai, but at the same time ditched India by attacking on its back. In July 1962, China started threatening India of dire consequences if its soldiers did not withdraw from Ladakh (which is an inherent territory of India but claimed by China to be its territory). Being a non-violent nation that preaches, Ahimsa Parmodharma, like always, India did not wage the war till it was attacked by China. The film depicted a platoon of Indian army soldiers deployed to safeguard Ladakh ( a hilly area on Sino-Indian border in North India). The platoon is surrounded and outnumbered by the Chinese troops from all sides. The platoon tries to retreat but are outnumbered by the enemy and hence sacrifice their lives fighting for the motherland.

The film got so much love from all genres of audience that it ended up being awarded the National Film Award for second Best Feature Film the very next year in 1965. The film was also screened at the Independence Day Film Festival on August 12, 2016  jointly by the Indian Directorate of Film Festivals and Ministry of Defense, to commemorate the 70th Indian Independence Day of India.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you have an opportunity to watch it on this Independence Day morning. Zee Classic will be premiering the movie for its international audience at 9:00 AM on 15th August 2017.

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