App Review: Sagoon allows you to Connect Share Earn

App Review: Sagoon – Connect. Share. Earn.

App Review: SagoonThe emergence of social media over the past few years has created another surge of reforms. This resulted in the emergence of a spectacular Web, Android and iOS applications to make individual’s life easier and comfortable. The latest one is the launch of a social media app named Sagoon. Marking its existence in the list of some of the best apps, Sagoon is a perfect platform for connecting with the masses, sharing with them and earning as well.

Embedded with the features of both Facebook and Snap chat, Sagoon App enables its users to be more smart and productive per-se. To list down some of its features, this app allows secret sharing, mood talk, a unique id to protect you from unwanted activities and so forth.

Perhaps, the most commendable aspect of using this app is the earning aspect wherein one is able to get some return for using Sagoon. Together with this, Sagoon App assists the people who are looking for a job through its My Page feature.

Unlike other chatting apps, this app is also known for saving a lot of time through its smart framework. This app is a superb option for setting reminders, sharing content, planning and scheduling different events.

App Review: Sagoon

A user-friendly dashboard makes one’s life untangled by occupying just 45 MB space in your smartphones. Moreover, this app is also known for buying and sending gifts to the loved ones with the use of some social smart cards. Sagoon is embedded with an altogether different customer presentation strategy. It enables you to view the number and names of locations your story has traveled to.

Sagoon is a multi-application app compatible with almost all the devices. It is more of a comprehensive suite to strengthen the connections along with a rich productivity. One of the most interesting features of this particular app is its story sharing option. This feature basically depicts an idea of creating a transparent society thus acting as a bonding agent altogether.

Texting and chatting becomes really annoying when you are unaware of the recipient’s or sender’s mood. Nevertheless, Sagoon fixes this problem in the most accurate way. With its Mood Talk option, you can handle the situations accordingly by notifying your mood. Moreover, your chats also vanish automatically after 24 hours.

As a whole, Sagoon App is a unique concept to socialize in this trendy era. The application has recorded more than 5 lakh installations as on January 23rd, 2018. Clearly, the future of social media is creating headlines in the technological environment.

We are sure you might have loved reading this review about Sagoon App. What are you waiting for? Download the App now to start Connecting, Sharing & Earning. 🙂

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