Bad Days for Fraud BPL Card Holders in the country

BPL in India
Fraud BPL Card Holders
                                      BPL in India

In continuation to its enthusiastic steps towards curbing the Black Money hoarded within the country, the Government of India has put up another, much wanted restriction on the people which would actually prevent them from converting Black money to white. Thought all the opposition parties, including Aam Aadmi Party (which was founded with an aim to curb corruption) are opposing this decision of the central government accusing the government of increasing the hardships of common folks, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has repeatedly made it sound & clear that he won’t step back on this decision, which according to him, will help bridge the gorge between rich & poor.

Amidst the decision of demonetizing Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 currency notes, the government has issued important guidelines to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) card holders in the country. This step would help check fraud BPL card holders. The following set of guidelines has been issued:

  • BPL card holders should beware depositing anyone else’s money in their accounts
  • If an amount of more that Rs. 39 thousand (BPL threshold limit) is found to be deposited in the BPL card holder’s bank account, he will answerable to the queries of the bank officials.
  • If the amount deposited in a BPL card holder’s account is found to be someone else’s, the BPL card holder will be subjected to punishment & his/her name will be struck off the BPL line for ever.
  • Not just that, he/she will have pay a fine to the tune of 200% of the subjected amount.
Thus, it is important for the people belonging to BPL families that they themselves remain aware of the consequences they might have to face if found to be indulged in black money conversion activities.
This news would also act as nightmare for many undeserving people in the state of Himachal Pradesh, who have attained their BPL cards through fraudulent methods. Responsible Social Media pages like Being Himachali have raised this issue repeatedly on their facebook page to create awareness regarding these fraud individuals who have been looting government money actually meant to serve the neediest of the needy. A noted RTI Activist Mr. Devashish Bhattacharya has also been working towards ensuring that names of such undeserving people get struck-off from the BPL lists.

Source: News24

Hope this step of the Govt. of India will actually help get rid of fraud BPL card holders killing two birds with the same stone (Its just a proverb, We Are Proud Animal Lovers) 🙂



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