Bad Days for Fraud BPL Card Holders in the country

BPL in India

In continuation to its enthusiastic steps towards curbing the Black Money hoarded within the country, the Government of India has put up another, much wanted restriction on the people which would actually prevent them from converting Black money to white. Thought all the opposition parties, including Aam Aadmi Party (which was founded with an aim to curb corruption) are opposing this decision of the central government accusing the government of increasing the hardships of common folks, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has repeatedly made it sound & clear that…

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Opinion: Why is NDTV so Anti-BJP?

Why is NDTV so Anti-BJP ? UPDATE: With recent developments of IT raids being conducted at the properties of Mr. Pranoy Roy, this article acts as a factual proof in proving the political affiliations of NDTV. Must Read & Share. On 19th February 2016, a ‘Kaun Jaat Ho’ marka journalist came in limelight for his black-screen show that claimed to unveil the dark side of Journalism in India. He talked about various loopholes and deficiencies in the present times, but missed the core of it, which I am going to…

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