The Entire Himachal Salutes You!!

Himachali community left the flashes of inspiration in Dubai: It will surely give you an immense pleasure  to know  that Himachalies are not only extending help in their home country but they are making you feel proud overseas also. A large group of Himachalies promoted a campaign by donating blood at Latifa Hospital in Dubai. This campaign was in pipeline since a long,  finally they executed it on 5th Jan 2017 and turned out to be a grand success. The event saw more than 125 people of Himachali community and…

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Blood Facts by Himachali Blood Donors

About Himachali Blood Donors- A donors’ network! “Have you at anytime witnessed a relative of yours or a close friend searching frantically for a blood donor, when blood banks say “out of stock”, the donors in mind are out of reach and the time keeps ticking? Have you witnessed loss of life for the only reason that a donor was not available at the most needed hour? Is it something that we as a society can do nothing to prevent? This thought laid our foundation.” What are the major blood…

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Spinal Tumors- Types and Treatment: All You Need To Know

Spinal Tumor (CS View)

Spinal Tumor (CS View) Tumour – The term in itself is the biggest nightmare for the listener. On listening the word, the first thing that strikes a mind is the Brain tumour which is one of the most common forms of tumour. But, it is not the only form of tumour. Tumours can develop in any part of the body at times leading to the death of the patient depending upon the form of tumour he/she is affected by. The motive behind preparing this write-up is to create awareness regarding…

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