Land Rover all set to launch a smartphone by early 2017

Land Rover
Land Rover
Land Rover

Land Rover

World renowned British automotive brand, Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, is all set to enter the ever-growing smartphone market globally by launching its maiden smartphone by early 2017.

To realize this project, LandRover has partnered with Bullitt Group, a consumer electronics enterprise.

Integrating the unique innovation and design of a LandRover into a smartphone.

“Incorporating iconic Land Rover design and innovative technology into the mobile phone sector with Bullitt Group presents an exciting challenge and fantastic opportunity to take the brand into a new dimension,” said Lindsay Weaver, director of licensing and branded goods at Jaguar LandRover, in a statement recently.

According to Bullitt Group, the firm will partner with LandRover to define and develop a groundbreaking portfolio of mobile devices and peripherals which will take the brand into a new and exciting commercial terrain.

“With a combination of durability and elegance, the new range will be designed to be an active lifestyle partner, aimed at people who like to take on new challenges and go ‘above and beyond’ the ordinary,” said a statement.

The portfolio will launch in early 2017 and will embody the core values of the LandRover brand, featuring some truly innovative capabilities and technology.

Bullitt Group has been working with various clients on their tough and rugged smartphones in the past.

Source: The Indian Express



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