HP Naib Tehsildar Answer Key 2017 (Part-2)


HP Naib Tehsildar Answer Key 2017 (Part-2)

HP Naib Tehsildar Answer Key 2017 (Part-2)

Most of the government and administrative job aspirants in the state of Himachal Pradesh must have appeared in the HP Naib Tehsildar Screening Test held on 20th August 2017. with an aim to help the students check and tally their responses with the correct ones, HimBuds.com has prepared an Answer key for the exam. Please go through and check the correctness of your responses. Good Luck.

Find below the second part of Answer Key:

61. Among the following , the highest Literacy rate is Found in: Sikkim
62. The headquarters of Western Coalfield Ltd. Is located at: Nagpur
63. Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project Treaty Has been signed between: India and Nepal
64. Plateau of India divided as MALANAD and MAIDAN Plateau is: Mysore Plateau
65. Influent drainage, Bangar soil, Doasbs are the features of: Indo-Sutlej Basin
66. TODA are Tribal Community found in the state of: Kerala
67. India becomes a signatory to the Ramsar Convention in 1982. Ramsar Convention is related to: Wetlands Conservation
68. Among the Following which river basin having the largest catchment area? Krishna
69. Which one of the following stations receives minimum average annual rainfall? Hyderabad
70. Among the Following, the Eastern most location city is: Lucknow
71. Which one of the Following Statements is wrong about earth? It contains 29% water
72. Lithosphere is the: uppermost layer of the Earth crust which capable of supporting life
73. Igneous rocks are formed by the: cooling down of volcanic eruptions
74. Which city is known as the ‘silicon Valley’ of India? Bengaluru
75. Main use of a Nuclear Reactor is to: produce electrical energy from the energy released during nuclear fission

76. Compressed natural Gas is now being used as better fuel than gasoline for running vehicles because of its: complete combustion and no unburnt release of carbon
77. Which one of the following is used in the rear view mirror of the vehicles? Convex mirrors
78. Which one of the following is responsible For the Ozone deplection? Chlorofluorocarbons
79. In children, Kwashiorkor and Marasmus diseases are caused by the deficiency of: Proteins
80. RISHTA project in HP refers to? LED Based street lighting project
81. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the Time of India’s Independence. Clement Atlee
82. The Anti- terrorism Day is celebrated on. 21 May
83.The Prime Minister of India launched a satellite service for the SAARC countries. It was. GSAT 09
84. ‘Digi Yatra ‘ is an initiative of. Min of Aviation
85. Recently Sukama valley came into news for killing of armed forces .The valley is located in. Chattisgarh
86. Which of the following is not correct about Leela Seeth. RTI Activist
87. Which river is called as the Ganges of the south. Godavari (Official HPPSC Key says Kaveri)
88. Which Indian state has least literacy rate. Bihar
89. Which one of the following is correct about corporation tax. Profits of companies
90.Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress. Tayabji

91. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is related to. Veena
92. Education in the Indian Constitution falls in. Concurrent list
93. The Parliament of Israel is known as. Knesset
94. Who was the key person who persuaded Gandhi to come to Champaran 1917. Rajkumar shukla
95. Which Indian bowler became the first ever to complete 50 wickets in two consecutive calendar years 2015-2016. Ashwin
96. Indian Women’s Hockey team beat which country to win Asian Champions Trophy 2016. China
97. Sampriti is a joint military training exercise between. Indo-Bangladesh (Official Key says India-Russia)
98. World Sanskrit Award 2016 was given to. George Cardona
99. Who won the best FIFA football player award 2016. Ronaldo
100. The champions of the Earth Award is given by the . UN
101. The first BRICKS film festival was held in . New Delhi
102. Which of the following films got the Golden Peacock Award at 47th International Film Festival of India . Daughter
103. Lalima Abhiyan for anemia- free state has been launched in. Madhya Pradesh
104. Jail Jyothi Yojana to promote literacy among the jail inmates was launched in.  Kerala
105. Bharatmala is a Road & highways project

106. Project Vishwajeet is mooted by .Ministry of HRD
107. Justice R.V. Easwar Committee constituted by the government of India was to deal with. Income tax
108. Cassini is a joint space mission of. Nasa and European Space Agency
109. ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ was launched by. Indian Air Force
110. Who was selected for the 52 Gyanpeeth Award for 2016. Shankar Gosh
111. TSR Subrahmanyam Committee which recently submitted is report to the government of India dealt with. National Education Policy
112. Richard Verma is. US Ambassador to India
113. Who among the following received the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016. Bob Dylan
114. Article 280 of the Indian Constitution deals with. Finance Commission
115. The Financial Emergency under Indian Constitution is mentioned in. Article 360
116. Which state of India has the largest coastline . Gujarat
117. Shunglu Committee was formed by Lt. Governor of Delhi to examine. 400 files
118. In which state were the Panchayati Raj Institutions introduced first. Rajasthan
119. In whom the executive authority of India is vested by the Constitution. President
120. Which organ breaks fat to produce the Cholesterol. Liver

We hope we were able to provide responses upto your expectations. Please comment below if you come across any error in this compilation.

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