Himachali Rasoi will be featured on Discovery Channel this weekend

Again a proud moment for every Himachali !!

Mr. Himanshu Sood, the founder of Himachali Rasoi will be featured on Discovery Channel this weekend. This show would be about two travelers exploring every corner of India in order to find what is so amazing that entices people across the globe to make it the first choice for visiting in comparison to other countries. They are also working on a project “India My Way”.

Scheduled Timings :-

8th Jan 2017 @ 20:00 hrs.

Though we are sure you will not be missing this show but still we have a repeat telecast on:

10th Jan 2017 @ 16:00 hrs.


13th Jan 2017 @ 16:00 hrs.

In case your cable TV is not functioning due to heavy rains & Snowfall, feel free to watch the show on Jio TV, Hotstar or Youtube Live stream on your smartphone.

After this event with Discovery Channel, we will meet you on Lonely Planet.

Himachal and Himachali Rasoi at a glance:

Himachal Pradesh, (literally translating to ‘Country in the lap of the Himalayas’) is a state, highly diverse in its topography and culture. It is said that if every mountain would be measured according to it’s surface area, Himachal would be one of the largest states in India.

Many of these regions were difficult to conquer due to the Himalayan terrain. This resulted in cultural preservation. Every few villages a traveler will encounter a contrasting dialect, a separate deity, variegated clothing, unique architecture and a distinct diet largely dependent on the topography, agricultural produce and local market availability. Cereal and Legume based foods along with milk products are most popular and form a staple diet amongst the sizable population of the state.

Himachali Rasoi:- First Authentic Traditional Himachali Food restaurant. We serve Kangari Dham, Mandyali Dham, Sweet and Savoury Sidu and many more traditional dishes.

Here at the Himachali Rasoi we are primarily offering a traditional festive spread called a Dham. Dham is served on special occasions such as weddings, festivals and religious occasions. Prepared by a hereditary clan of Brahmins called Botees/Botis, this meal is a combination of aromatic rice, an assortment of lentils cooked in various curries, followed by desert.

Preparations of these meals always begin a night prior and due to the importance of the occasion, the meals are highly authentic and rich in contents and texture. As per Himachali traditions, everyone sits on the ground in rows to eat. A traditional Dham varies across different regions of the state. Apart from the Dham we also offer a variety of snacks and beverages which strongly depicts the authenticity of Himachal.

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