Himachal Pradesh Census-2011: All you need to know

Himachal Pradesh Census-2011

Himachal Pradesh Census-2011Census of a particular state of utmost importance with examination point of view. HimBuds.com brings for you a crisp brief about Himachal Pradesh Census-2011. Hope you will benefit from the same.

What is Census?

Census is the way of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. It is a regular exercise recurring after every ten years. Census mainly includes National Population census & Housing census. Other common types of census include Agri-business census and traffic census. According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the information generated by a population and housing census such as number of people, their distribution, their living conditions and other key data is very much important for development because the data available through census is essential for policy makers and planning officers so that they know where to invest and what are the needs of population. Due to inaccurate and outdated data available in most of the countries, the policy drafters fail to understand the actual needs of the population group.

In ancient times, the first census in India is considered to have taken place in 300 BC under the guidance of Vishnu Gupt (also known as Chanakya and Kautilya), who was the Prime Minister in the regime of emperor Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya is also considered to be the world’s first economist and shrewd administrator. During British regime, Census was conducted for the first time in 1872 under Viceroy Lord Mayo. First Population Census in free India was conducted in the year 1951.

In Himachal Pradesh too, the first census was conducted in 1951.

The administrative structure of as per Himachal Pradesh Census-2011 is as follows:

1. District= 12
2. Sub-divisions= 52
3. Towns= 59
4. Zila Parishad= 12
5. Municipal Corporation= 1 (Presently 2 MCs are there in HP: Shimla & Dharamshala)
6. Nagar Panchayat= 23
7. Tehsil= 75
8. Sub-Tehsil = 34
9. Divisional Blocks= 75
10. Assembly Constituencies= 68
11. Lok Sabha seats= 4
12. Rajya Sabha seats= 3
13. Municipal Council= 25
14. High Court= 1
15. Panchayat Smitis = 77

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Brief Gist and Analysis of Himachal Pradesh Census-2011:

1. Total Population: 68,64,602 (0.57% of India’s total population).
2. Rank of HP in terms of Population in India: 21st (followed by Tripura and Meghalaya).
3. Most populous district: Kangra (followed by Mandi and Shimla).
4. Least populous district: Lahaul-Spiti
5. Highest child population: Kangra
6. Lowest child population: Lahaul-Spiti
7. Highest population density: Hamirpur
8. Lowest population density: Lahaul-Spiti
9. Highest child sex ratio (0-6 yrs): Lahaul-Spiti
10. Lowest child sex ratio (0-6 yrs): Una
11. Population density per square kilometer: 123 persons
12. Sex ratio of HP: 972 females per 1000 males
13. Child Sex ratio of HP (0-6 yrs): 906 per 1000 children

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