Ms. GurMehar Kaur, Pakistan killed Capt. Saurabh Kalia not War

“Pakistan didn’t kill my Father, War did”- Ms. GurMehar Kaur. The Kargil martyr, who sacrificed his life for the motherland, might definitely be feeling sorry (if not ashamed) of what his daughter did recently. Under the direct influence of Communist-affiliated student organisation #AISA, in collaboration with Aam Aadmi Party, Gurmehar Kaur has been ‘used like a prop’ (rightly quoted by famous actor Randeep Hooda). She claims to have received ‘Rape’ threats from students of #ABVP but I was just wondering, Claims can at times be mere Claims.

Sacrifice of a soldier can never be equated to any other sacrifice. Forgetting about their family, friends, comforts and anything else, the soldiers selflessly fight for the honour, pride and dignity of their motherland. They never expect anything in return but the honour of being called a “Shaheed”. But this time, not someone else, but a martyr’s daughter herself says,”Pakistan did not kill my Father, War did”. This is nothing more than an unbearable insult to a martyr.

If we recall Kargil war times, we cannot ignore the protagonist role of Captain Saurabh Kalia, who was the first Indian Army officer to trace the entry of Pakistani forces into Indian territory. He was then captured alive by Pakistani rangers, tortured for 20 days before being brutally killed.

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After his dead-body was received by the Indian Army, the Post Mortem reports made some stunning revelations that increased the anger of Indian citizen manifold. Captain Kalia and his fellow troops were subjected to inhuman treatment; their bodies were burnt with burning cigarettes, piercing their ear drums with iron rods, puncturing their eyes and removing them, breaking most of their bones and tooth and chopping off their limbs and genitals. It was also revealed that the injuries were inflicted before the death of the martyrs.

The Indian governments since then have failed to take up the issue internationally and provide justice to Capt. Kalia.

The sacrifice of Captain Saurabh Kalia can never be forgotten and Yes, Ms. GurMehar, War did not kill Captain Saurabh Kalia, but Pakistan did.

You were just 2 years when Kargil happened but had Capt. Kalia been alive today, he would have been 40. Its a request, stop being carried-away by anti-national agenda of leftist organisations who don’t recognise the sacrifice your father gave for this country. No organisation can certify your patriotism or nationalism but your own comments of Kargil war nullify it for sure.

Mujhe Todd Lena Ban Maali; Uss Path Dena Tum Faink,
Matribhumi Par Sheesh Chadhaane; Jiss Path Jayein Veer Anek. – Pushp Ki Abhilasha

-A Silent Nationalist not hungry of Publicity




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