Accessories to enjoy God’s second greatest gift

enjoy god's second greatest giftHuman life being God’s greatest gift, God’s second greatest gift is the ability to reproduce and give life to another being. Sex is the outcome of a sacred relationship between man and women. It is hence our responsibility to maintain and secure this sacred gift by staying aware and using protections as and when having an intercourse. The best way to have safe and pleasurable intercourse is by using various accessories available in the market. These accessories help and individual stay protected from getting infected with HIV AIDS (Human Deficiency Syndrome Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) and other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) which can be life-threatening. Trough this article, we wish to create awareness regarding some of these popular accessories that make intimacy a pleasurable experience.

  1. Condoms: A condom is a thin, stretchy sheath-shaped pouch like contraceptive device used during sexual intercourse to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can be worn by men as well as women to stay safe not only from STDs but also prevent pregnancy. These days, special types of dotted condoms are also available in different flavors. Condoms are available free of cost a Primary Health Centres across the country though the quality cannot be guaranteed. Hence, branded condoms, with makes like Manforce, Durex, Moods, Skore, Carex are considered to be both reliable and secure, to stay safe from unwanted complications.
  2. Female Condoms: Just like condoms used by males, female condoms are no more an unknown product. Theenjoy god's second greatest gift perform the same function as male condoms with a difference that just like male condoms are worn by males on their penis, female condoms are worn by females into their vaginal opening. Ignored earlier, female condoms are in huge demand these days.
  3. Personal Lubricants: Personal lubricants are liquid, semi-liquid or gelly-like products that are used to make intimate moments more enjoyable. They can be applied on any part of the body but are generally used to inside/outside condoms, on hands and fingers. These products are specifically useless if dryness or tightness is experienced by a partner in her anus or vagina. It gives a smooth experience during intercourse.
  4. Vibrating Rings: A vibrating ring is a sexual pleasure toy used mostly in vaginal intercourse. It looks like a ring made of material similar to silicon. The design is such that it can be stretched, worn over the penis and be won over the shaft to fit tightly. It is another erection ring with an additional vibrator attached to it. It enhances pleasure during intimacy.
  5. Climax delay spray: Climax delay spray is a miraculous product for men who suffer from premature ejaculations and are not able to satisfy their partner. Climax delay sprays help men last longer in intercourse satisfying the partner to the fullest and leading to the pleasurable climax.

Let us enjoy God’s second greatest gift to its fullest using the above-mentioned accessories and make your life full of love and happiness.



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