Frequent Mistakes Aspirants Make While Preparing For The UPSC Exam brings for its readers a well-researched article on Frequent Mistakes Aspirants Make While Preparing For The UPSC Exam prepared by the expert academician panel at BYJU’s

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is often thought to be the “Mother of all the Examinations”. It is also believed that the examination cannot be cracked in one attempt. Most of the aspirants fail to crack the exam in one attempt because of certain silly mistakes they commit during their preparation. This article attempts to point out those frequent mistakes that are stopping the aspirants from achieving their goal of serving the country in the capacity of a civil servant.

Preparing For The UPSC Exam

Mistake 1: Not adhering to the Syllabus

The UPSC Examination syllabus is often misinterpreted to include everything under the sun. But contrary to the popular belief, the syllabus is well defined and is indicative. Every aspirant, in order to save time, energy and resources, must strictly stick to the syllabus while preparing for the examination. Even before you start preparation, make sure you have read the syllabus multiple times.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Daily Current Affairs

The analysis of the Prelims and Mains question papers of the recent years reveals the importance of Current Affairs in the UPSC preparation. Most of the aspirants believe that the current affairs can be covered by referring to monthly current affairs magazines, which is a misconception. The importance of reading any newspaper of your choice on a daily basis cannot be emphasized enough. The aspirant must read the newspaper religiously and make notes from it for revision just before the examination.  Doing so will undoubtedly reap rich dividends.

Mistake 3: Procrastinating answer writing practice

Every aspirant starts preparing for the examination with minimal or no knowledge. Do not wait until you are fully prepared, to start the answer writing practice. As the art of writing simple, to the point and concise answers comes with practice. It is important to practice answer writing from the day you start your preparation for the UPSC Exam.

Mistake 4: Reading Multiple Books for the same Subject

Aspirants believe that it is better to read for one particular topic from multiple books which would help in getting different viewpoints. But reading one book multiple times would help in remembering the topic better. The aspirants must follow a standard set of books and revise the same multiple times, instead of referring to multiple sources.

Mistake 5: Not being consistent

UPSC exam is a test of patience, determination and consistency along with knowledge and personality. An aspirant must be committed to the examination. It is important to draft a preparation strategy and a timeline to complete the syllabus and stick to it. Studying for 12 hours at a stretch and taking a break for 2-3 days would not work. Consistency is the key to cracking this examination.

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