Baba Ramdev beats Olympic silver medallist in Wrestling

Baba Ramdev beats Olympic silver medallist Andrey Stadnik 12-0 in a friendly ‘dangal’ before the semifinals of Pro Wrestling League today evening.Baba Ramdev beats Olympic silver medallist

Famous Yog guru Baba Ramdev smacked Andrey Stadnik (Beijing Olypic Silver Medallist) 12-0 in the friendly bout before the semifinals of Pro Wrestling League.

Baba Ramdev walked-on-his-hands for seconds before fighting the bout. Her scored four points which eventually increased to seven and finally the tally was 12-0.

Baba Ramdev chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” & “Vande Mataram” after the match was over.

In a short and crisp speech, he said that wrestling is all set to excel and become one of the most loves and followed sports in coming years. Ramdev said that though Andrey was nearly half his age, but his energy levels are high.

Andrey was the one who on silver medal in Beijing Olympics 2008 after having defeated Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar who ended up winning Olympic bronze becoming the first Indian to win an Olympic medal in wrestling.

Though the cheers by audience in the match were enough to prove the happiness Indians were feeling after an Indian ‘avenged’ Sushil’s 2008 defeat. Baba ramdev has previously played football in the inaugural match of Indian Super League too.

Baba Ramdev is high on stamina & energy levels, no one can deny this fact.



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