Cracking Myths about M@sturb@tion

myths about masturbation

Myths about M@sturb@tion RISHI JARYAL || Today, we are going to discuss the lesser-known facts of what has been a widely known topic among all of us, specially the youth, M@sturb@tion. But despite this being most widely known, do we really feel comfortable to discuss it that widely? The answer is a big NO. The irony is even I am writing about this at a time when my roommate is fast asleep. So, M@sturb@tion is, we all know, the $exu@l stimulation of one’s own genit@ls for $exu@l @rousal or pleasure,…

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Mandi Himachal Pradesh: History and Economy

Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Mandi Himachal Pradesh: History and Economy History of Mandi & Suket Mandi is popularly known as “Choti Kashi”. History of Mandi Himachal Pradesh is very vast. History of Mandi can be divided into two parts. There were two kingdoms in the olden times: Mandi and Suket (Sundernagar). Mandi Riyasat was founded in 1000 AD by BAHU SEN whereas Suket Riyasat was founded by VEER SEN in 765 AD. After independence, Mandi and Suket were merged to form Mandi district in 1948. Read below the detailed royal lineage of Mandi Himachal…

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Pangot Hill Station: A paradise for bird lovers


Pangot Hill Station: A paradise for bird lovers Mountains are said to have treasures hidden in its folds, nooks, and crannies, visible only to those who truly want to discover nature. For those who want to experience such pleasant surprises, the Himalayan region is indeed a Pandora’s Box. Tucked in its forests, are the rarest flora and fauna, some of which you will not see or find anywhere else in the world. The tiny village of Pangot at the foothills of the Lower Himalayas is one such treasure trove of…

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