Meet the first ever ‘Made In India’ 1000CC Superbike made by this genius

India is mostly filled with 150CC road bikes, with superbikes seeming to be a dream for many.

But this guy wanted a 1000CC superbike for himself, and wanted it bad. So, he made one for himself. Riddhesh Vyas, from Rajkot – Gujarat, just proved that dreams can come true.

It took him 8 years of research and development to make the first indigenous 1000CC two-wheeler in India. Called the Ridd, it has been made with a lot of handmade parts and also has a 4-cylinder engine

The custom ride has a massive street presence, and weighs a considerable 400 Kgs.

Riddhesh doesn’t have a strong engineering background, but his experience in the metal building industry made it possible for him to envision and actually put together his dream ride with his own hands.

The project took him more than 8 lakh rupees, but the joy of making a world record is priceless.

The bike now has a record as India’s first-ever hand made superbike.



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