iBerry Auxus seQura launches GPS tracking device for Rs 5990

Auxus seQura UI
iBerry Auxus, an Hong-Kong based electronics manufacturer, has launches iBerry Auxus seQura, a unique waterproof GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device in the India market. This unique device can be used to track kids, pets, elders and luggage to ensure that they are same in the demarcated vicinity.
Priced at Rs. 5,990, the device is in itself  the most handy, must have gadget for tracking children, pets, elders & luggage.
“We are excited to step into the new and one of its kind vertical which primarily focuses on the safety of Kids,” said Faheem.S, Founder & Director, Auxus.”
Auxus seQura comes with a wide range of unique features & function that include:
    • Current GPS Location: hows the latest/current GPS location of the seQura device.
    • History Review: Reveals where your loved one was at a certain period of time in the past. You can see the path on the map powered by Google Maps.
    • Online Command: controls seQura device from APP via SMS and all replies from the seQura device will be sent back to app via GPRS data, therefore replies will be shown as push notification, and all records can be checked in the message section.
    • Current LBS Location: Shows the latest/current nearest GSM tower location of the seQura device.

  • Real Time Tracking: You can track the seQura device real-time using this option. It technically enables the seQura device to upload 6 locations to server every single minute when the seQura device is in motion. For power saving, the real-time tracking function will auto-turn off after 1 hour, and the user can resend the command to prolong the Real-time tracking working time if needed.
  • Motion Sleep: The seQura device will go to sleep mode when it is idle and wake up when motion is detected. The phone function will be off during deep sleep, and SMS can be replied until device wakes up.
  • Panic Button: Power button is the panic button. If there is a SIM card inserted, press and hold to trigger SOS alert. The SOS alert will be uploaded to website as SOS! HELP! SOS!! HELP!! SOS!!! HELP!!!, and will be shown in the message section.
Auxus seQura Box contents
What’s in the Box:
Auxus seQura box pack includes one seQura device, charger cable, mini screw-driver, two screws &
one Airtel nano SIM with FREE Six Month Data Plan sponsored by AirTel.

Realizing their CSR, Auxus have decided to dedicate 1% of the total revenue generated through the online sale of this Auxus seQura, towards Child Safety Trust and Awareness programme.

Order Online: The product is available online at: eBay



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