HP Naib-Tehsildar Question Bank series-4

HP Naib-Tehsildar Question Bank series-4HP Naib-Tehsildar Question Bank-1Focusing on the need of the hour wherein maximum youth of Himachal Pradesh are actively preparing for Himachal Pradesh Naib-Tehsildar Examination, HimBuds.com brings to you the Fourth series of 20 questions for preparation of NT Examination. HP Naib-Tehsildar Question Bank series-3 will help the candidates evaluate their knowledge and prepare well for the examinations.


1. Which pass joins Chamba and Lahaul?

(A) Kugti

(B) Kunzum

(C) Rohtang

(D) Baralacha


Answer: Kugti


2. Mahmud Ghaznavi destroyed which temple of Kangra?

(A) Chamunda devi

(B) Brijeshwari devi

(C) Jawala ji

(D) Majakali


Answer: Brijeshwari devi


3. Kangra king Sansarchand taken help of which ruler to removing Gorkhas from his area?

(A) General Zorawar Singh

(B) Ranjit Singh

(C) Desa Singh Majethiya

(D) General Hari Singh


Answer: Ranjit Singh


4. Height of Kunzum pass is approximately?

(A) 4950 m

(B) 6923 m

(C) 7249 m

(D) 7025m


Answer: 4950 m


5. What is the decision made by British Government by the mean of “SHIMLA GHOSHNAPATR”?

(A) Treaty with Ranjit Singh

(B) Treaty of Sangholi

(C) Announcement of war with Afghanistan

(D) Announcement of war with Kajakistan


Answer: Announcement of war with Afghanistan



6. Who headed meeting in 1948 in solan to merge hill states with Himachal?

(A) Raja Durga Singh

(B) Pt. Padamdev

(C) Dr. Y.S Parmar

(D) Bhagmal Southa


Answer: Raja Durga Singh


7. Panini mention people of Trigtra as “AYUJIVI SANGH”. “AYUJIVI SANGH” means

(A) Peaceful

(B) Music lover

(C) Brave Tribe

(D) Rowdy Tribe


Answer: Rowdy Tribe


8. Kunzum pass is situated in?

(A) Lahaul valley

(B) Spiti valley

(C) Kullu valley

(D) Chamba valley


Answer: Spiti valley


9. Amitabh Kant holds which of the following positions at present?
(A)  CEO, NITI Aayog

(B)  Secretary, FIPB

(C)  Chairman, ISRO 

(D) Chairman, HAL

Answer: CEO, NITI Aayog


10. The new govt at the centre on 13 Feb officially told the Supreme Court that it would go ahead with the UIDAI project, Aadhaar. Who is the present DG of UIDAI?
(A) Shailesh Nayak

(B) Vijay S Madan 

(C) T Suvarna Raju

(D) K Radhakrishnan 


Answer: Vijay S Madan 



11. Which country has become first country in world to completely divest from fossil


(A) Iceland

(B) Ireland

(C) Denmark

(D) Norway


Answer: Ireland


12. Where was 9th BRICS Summit’s first Sherpas Meeting held?

(A) China

(B) Brazil

(C) India

(D) Russia


Answer: India


13. Which country has launched nationwide military operation named

‘Radd-ul-Fasaad’ to eliminate menace of terrorism and consolidate gains of its

counter-terrorism operations?

(A) Bangladesh

(B) Iran

(C) Turkey

(D) Pakistan


Answer: Pakistan


 14. Which of the following country is suspended from voting in the United Nations

General Assembly (UNGA) in the 2016-17 sessions?

(A) Venezuala

(B) North Korea

(C) Somalia

(D) Pakistan


Answer: Venezuala



15. Indian Railways launched the country’s first Antyodaya Express which runs


(A) Ernakulam and Howrah

(B) Dibrugarh and Kochi

(C) Dibrugarh and Puducherry

(D) Srinagar and Trivanthapuram


Answer: Ernakulam and Howrah



 16. Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be implemented from?

(A) 1st June 2017

(B) 1st July 2017

(C) 1st august 2017

(D) 1st January 2017


Answer: 1st July 2017


 17. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has put

India’s GDP growth at _____ percent for fiscal 2016-17?

(A) 6.5%

(B) 7.0%

(C) 7.3%

(D) 7.8%


Answer: 7.0%


 18. Who took charge as the new Director of Central Board of Investigation (CBI)?

(A) Amulaya Patnaik

(B) Alok kumar Verma

(C) Shrikanta Das

(D) None of the above


Answer: Alok kumar Verma


19. Who has become the first Indian female singer to collaborate with United Nations

for women empowerment?

(A) Ela Arun

(B) Sunidi Chauhan

(C) Monali Thakur

(D) Neeti Mohan


Answer: Neeti Mohan


20 Which country hosted the International Conference on Theory and Practice of

Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2017)?

(A) India

(B) Germany

(C) France

(D) China


Answer: India



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