Has Govt developed a Tool to crack Apple privacy?

Apple privacy

In the midst Apple Inc. & Federal Bureau of investigation’s recent face-off over decryption of Apple privacy, Minister of Communications & IT, Mr. Ravishankar Prasad has raised a furore by saying that the Government has created a forensic tool for mobile phone devices, which very well includes Apple phone.Apple privacy

Responding to a query in the Upper House, the Minister said,”As part ofa programme, a tool for mobile forensics has been developed, which handles smart phones including Apple phones.”

Though he denied the speculations that any further plans were in progress to de-crypt the smartphones.

He affirmed that India was tracking the developments on the face-off between Apple & FBI. In line with Digital India, ministry is carrying our research and development on continuous basis to stay at par with the latest upgradations in technology, devices, softwares including smartphones.

Federal Bureau of Investigation had recently dragged the smartphone industry giant Apple Inc to court forcing it to de-crypt the iPhone of California shooters. In a similar case in 2013, in Edward Snowden’s investigation, Apple was quiet reluctant to help FBI in the case. In coherence with Facebook & Google, Apple reiterates that such de-cryptions would have a threatening impact on privacy & digital security.

With the Ministry of Communications and IT working on projects like these, speculations are high that the government is secretly working towards developing advanced tools which would be capable of de-crypting the smartphones devices, including Apple.

Image Source: TheWrap



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