Scientists have found a drug that regenerates teeth, and it could reduce the need for fillings

Researchers have identified a drug that can regenerate teeth from the inside out, possibly reducing the need for artificial fillings. The drug was previously used in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, and it now appears to improve the tooth’s natural ability to heal itself. It works by activating stem cells inside the tooth’s pulp centre, prompting the […]

Nokia is all set to make the big comeback with DC1 smartphone in 2017

Nokia D1C has been leaked a lot in the past and the device is rumoured to launch in two variants. Nokia will announce the D1C smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. According to reports from big sources, Nokia D1C will be priced at around the Rs 10,000 price mark, putting it in direct competition […]

Dots or No-dots in your Gmail address: They Hardly Matter

Most of the times while verbally telling your email address to someone else, you are more specific about the dots or periods that your email id might possess. To explain, let’s suppose my email address is If you email me on, you will receive a bounce back to your email as there is […]

Apple privacy

Has Govt developed a Tool to crack Apple privacy?

In the midst Apple Inc. & Federal Bureau of investigation’s recent face-off over decryption of Apple privacy, Minister of Communications & IT, Mr. Ravishankar Prasad has raised a furore by saying that the Government has created a forensic tool for mobile phone devices, which very well includes Apple phone. Responding to a query in the […]

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