5 Factors to enable you choose the best Water Purifier Online

5 Factors to enable you choose the best Water Purifier Online

Water is one of the most essential components for the survival of a living being. As per the “Survival rule of Threes”, a living being cannot live without air post 3 minutes, cannot live without water post 3 days and cannot live without food post 3 weeks, thereby explaining the importance of water in our lives. Drinking water needs to be free from any contamination to prevent various water-borne diseases.

With clean drinking water becoming scarce day-by-day, the role of a water purifier, in filtering the water and making it contamination-free worth consumption, has increased manifolds. There is a wide range of water purifiers available in the market today. Though it is a tough task choosing the best water purifier as per our family needs. Mpst of these water purifiers are available online that too at very competitive prices.

HimBuds.com brings a 5 factor checklist to enable you to choose the best water purifier in India.

1. Requirements of your household

The most important factor in deciding your need to own a water purifier are the requirements of your household. Most of the families reside in places where the water supply is highly contaminated and can be easily identified by looking at the water itself. In such areas, simple process of boiling the water to make in germ and contamination-gfree is not a successful measure to make it consumable. These households therefore need to purchase a good water purifier at the earliest to prevent their family from various water-borne diseases. Further if the supplied water contains High TDS, one can purchase an RO water purifier, whereas for a low TDS water supply, UV water purifier can be chosen.

2. Availability of Water & Electricity

Another decisive factor is the availability of water and electricity in the particular household. If your live in a locality with 24-hour electric supply and good storage of water in tanks, you can go for a water purifier which runs on electricity and has less storage capacity. Though in case of an area where power cuts are a part of a daily routine, you can choose water purifiers which possess high storage capacity and do not need electricity to operate.

3. Choose the best Brand

choose the best Water Purifier OnlineGiven the high demand of water purifiers, water purifier as a product is in the manufacturing list of many companies. Various varities in different price ranges and specification are available in the market. The need is to identify the best water purifier in india and purchase the same online. Do check about the certifications, consumer reviews and international position of the company in the water purification segment before buying its product.

4. Choose the best comparing among the rest

Before you choose the best water purifier, one of the most important step is to compare the different products available in the market. There is a large variety of water purifiers available in different makes. The features may somewhat be the same but the brand and price are the things that actually matter. There is a wide range of products available on e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues etc. You can visit these sites and compare the product price, rating and review there.


5. Post-Sales Service

Once you buy the product and the product stops working, you will be in the requirement of post-sales service. The better the post-sales service, increased are the chances of individuals buying the product. Water purifier, as a product, requires continuous after-sales service every 6 or 8 months. Though in today’s competitive era, every company tries to provide the best in class after sales service, but still the customer should always check and make purchase from a company which provides best after-sales services.

We hope you would refer to our above-mentioned factors before purchasing the best water purifier online.

Water is the necessity of Life. Save Water, Save Life.




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