English For Perfection-Word Of The Day “ENNUI”

ennui ɒnˈwiː/ noun: ennui a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. “he succumbed to ennui and despair” synonyms: boredom, tedium, listlessness, lethargy, lassitude, languor, restlessness, weariness, sluggishness, enervation; malaise, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, uneasiness, unease, melancholy, depression, despondency, dejection, disquiet; Weltschmerz “an ennui bred of long familiarity” antonyms: animation, contentment Origin mid 18th century: French, from Latin in odio(n- ), from mihi in odio est ‘it is hateful to me’. Compare with annoy.

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