Weekend Getaway Trip to Ludhiana

trip to ludhiana

Weekend Trip to Ludhiana Ludhiana, also known as the Manchester of India got its name due to the presence of the hosiery industry in the region. However, for Indians, a quick trip to this ‘Sarson-ke-khet’ land is enough to rename it as the ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ city of India. I remember my first trip to Ludhiana, the beautiful city, a few years ago in February. Being a travel enthusiast from a very young age, I grew up realizing that India has so much to offer that one life cannot…

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Coronavirus in India: Observations & Prevention

covid 19

Coronavirus in India: Observations & Prevention This article has been prepared based on my observations and information obtained from various reliable sources such as the WHO advisory website and some doctors’ video advisories. This is in no way a piece of medical advice under any capacity but is just a piece of suggestive information to be aware and stay safe. There is no need to follow even one step in this article blindly. Its a collation of information. Undertake your own research on each fact or statement if you find…

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