Himachali Blood Donors

Himachali Blood Donors

Himachali Blood Donors

“You Need Not Be A Doctor To Save Lives, You Can Be Blood Donor Too”


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For Any of your Blood Requirements throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh, please get in touch with us on Facebook. Leave your requirements and contact details in our inbox, we act expeditiously and try to serve in every possible way to all the queries. 

Saving Life is Not Tough, Just a Donation of 500ml (1 Unit) is enough. Spare Only 15 Minutes And Save One Life!!

About Himachali Blood Donors:Himachali Blood Donors

~A Donors’ Network!

“Have you at any time witnessed a relative of yours or a close friend searching frantically for a blood donor, when blood banks say “out of stock”, the donors in mind are out of reach and the time keeps ticking? Have you witnessed a loss of life for the only reason that a donor was not available at the most needed hour? Is it something that we as a society can do nothing to prevent? This thought laid our foundation.”

We Himachali Blood Donors is a social platform backed up by four volunteer admins who work anonymously. 

We laid our foundations on the occasion of New Year 01 Jan 2017 with an aim to help every needy expeditiously and with God’s grace we are getting immense support from the public.

We have an online registration form where volunteers register as a blood donor and at the hour of emergency, we contact those donors to help a needy. With volunteers’ eternal support we have been successful to donate blood 100’s of times and we are also into a campaign for collecting funds. e.g. Pankaj’s COMA Treatment, 4-Year Rishit’s THALASSEMIA Treatment etc.
For Any of your Blood Requirements, please get in touch with us on Facebook. Leave your requirements and contact details in our inbox, we act expeditiously and try to serve in every possible way to all the queries. 
Note:- We all are volunteers and we don’t charge anything for the services.
See the list of our all ongoing campaigns:-

Would you like to donate funds to our campaign? We live for a cause!


Himachali Blood Donors

We are running this campaign because we want to set up an NGO and want to spread this volunteers’ network across every corner of the world. 

These days if we see, every second person is suffering from some kind of life-threatening diseases. Some meet with road accidents, some of the people have Cancer, some are very poor that they feel insurmountable to survive, some people are sleeping hungry, some poor kids can’t afford their education, some are malnutrition-ed, some are orphan, some are physically challenged …….. N number of problems.  

In order to face these all problems, we are collecting funds…..Someone’s dreams should not fade because of poverty.No one should die because of the need for blood, Cancer or any other medical emergencies. It also includes education for poor children, aid to physically challenged persons, rural area development etc. You name it and we will add it to our vision.
Please donate whatever the amount you can donate easily. Your small contribution can change someone’s life and may give someone another chance at life.
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What are the major blood types?

Your blood type is determined by the antigens it contains. There are two major types of blood antigens: ABO and Rh, which combine to create blood types: O+. O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+ & AB-

If your blood type is: You can give: You can receive from:
O Positive O+, A+, B+, AB+ O+, O-
A Positive A+, AB+ A+, A-, O+, O-
B Positive B+, AB+ B+, B-, O+, O-
AB Positive AB+ Only All blood types
O Negative All blood types O- only
A Negative A-, A+, AB-, AB+ A-, O-
B Negative B-, B+, AB-, AB+ B-, O-
AB Negative AB-, AB+ AB-, A-, B-, O-


Who can receive my blood?

A patient can receive blood that has the same ABO antigens as theirs, plus O. Rh+ can receive Rh+ or Rh-, while Rh- must receive Rh- blood.

Who can give blood?

Almost anyone who is healthy, at least 16 years old, and weighs at least 110 pounds. (16-year-old must weigh at least 130 lbs and need signed parental consent.)

What should I do to prepare for donating?

Eat a well-balanced meal, free of fatty or fried foods. A diet that regularly includes iron-rich foods will help promote red cell regeneration, increasing your chances of having an adequate hemoglobin level for blood donation.

What’s so important about donating blood?

A continuous supply of blood is essential to meet the needs of patients in area hospitals, and a steady stream of donors is necessary to meet that need. Blood is only available through the generosity of volunteer donors. It is estimated that 95% of the population will use blood or a blood component by the age of 75 – unfortunately, less than 5% of the eligible population actually donates.